Summer Associate Program

FMBK’s Summer Associate Program is an exceptional opportunity for second year law students to obtain a hands-on experience in one of the premier family law firms in Southern California. The firm is proud of our program, which is dedicated to providing law students, with a well-rounded and practical summer experience, including exposure to all areas of our practice, such as client intake and relations, settlement strategy and negotiations, discovery, litigation preparation and practice, and law practice management.

FMBK assigns each summer associate a mentor who ensures that their summer at FMBK is rich in individual training, feedback and guidance, to best prepare them for the practice of law after graduation.

The feedback regarding FMBK’s Summer Associate Program has been overwhelmingly positive, which fosters the high caliber of applicants the firm receives each year. Seven out of our 19 attorneys were hired directly out of our Summer Associate Program. The law students who complete our program have a distinct advantage in the job market, and several of our summer associates have successfully joined FMBK as new lawyers and are among the most distinguished and successful attorneys at the firm.

If you are a second year law student interested in our Summer Associate Program, please contact FMBK’s Marketing Coordinator, Leslie Abel at [email protected]. Applications for the following year’s summer program are accepted from September through October via Symplicity, or by sending your resume directly to Leslie in that time frame. To apply, simply send her your resume with the subject line “summer associate application”, or find the program application via your Law School’s Symplicity Portal. Please name any application documents as such: Last Name, First Name, Document type (resume, cover letter, references etc.) , PDF format is preferred.