Summer Associate Program


For over three decades, FMBK’s Summer Associate Program has strived to provide the most robust family law experience on the West Coast.

Since the program’s inception, our firm has tripled in size, with multiple summer associate candidates now on the FMBK team working as family law attorneys and even reaching partnership level. As one of the most prominent family law firms in Southern California (over 20 attorneys, & 11 Certified Family Law Specialists*), we have the capacity to ensure the program provides exceptional training, feedback and mentorship.

The FMBK summer program’s main objective is to not only provide 2L law students with a well-rounded and pragmatic family law experience, but to be the first stepping stone in launching their family law career.

What to Expect: Week 1

In 2022, Our Summer Associate Chairs Steve Mindel (FMBK Managing Partner) and Alleen Markarian (FMBK Senior Associate) set out on a mission to create the most extensive entry-level family law training program yet, FMBK University. Through FMBK University, each summer associate’s first week on the team will consist of comprehensive presentations given by FMBK team members on the following topics:

Initial Client Interviews and Memos

Summons, Petition and Response

Income & Expense Declarations

Schedule of Assets and Debts

Preliminary and Final Declarations of Disclosure

Request for Orders Regarding Support & Attorney’s Fees

Request for Orders Regarding Initial Parenting Plans

Drafting & Responding to Discovery

Trial Preparation

Domestic Violence Restraining Orders

Judgments, Stipulations & Orders

Legal Research and Writing

Discovery Motions

With the first week of the program focused on onboarding, training, and teaching, our summer associates are given all of the tools necessary to ensure the rest of their weeks with us are as rewarding as possible.

What to Expect: Throughout the Summer

FMBK’s Summer program prides itself on not only a successful launch, but also consistent structure throughout the program to make sure each summer associate is thriving. For the duration of the program, each summer associate is given the following structure:

Mentorship Pairings

Each week, our summer associates will be paired with two or three different FMBK attorneys. These rotating pairings ensure that our summer associates get face time with all of the FMBK attorneys and always have “go-to” team members for case questions, assignments and scheduled lunches to establish a rapport with the team.

Summer Checklist

Throughout the program, we aim to offer summer associates all of the following assignments and experiences before the conclusion of the program:

Misc Tasks

Participate in an ICI & Draft ICI Memo

Participate in a Hearing, Deposition, Mediation and Settlement Conference

Prepare an I&E, SAD, PDD and FDD

Prepare a Summons, Petition and/or Response

Prepare a Stipulation & Order or Judgment

Attend a County Bar Event and FMBK Hosted / Sponsored Event

Visit the Calabasas and Pasadena FMBK Offices

Research and Drafting Motions

Memorandum of Points and Authorities

Attorney, Client & Witness Declarations

Drafting / Responding to Discovery

Demand for Production of Documents

Form Interrogatories – Family Law

Special Interrogatories

Requests for Admissions

Deposition Subpoenas

Each Summer Associate will have a digital copy of this spreadsheet to continuously track their individual progress to ensure they are getting exposed to all areas of family law that the program strives to give them.

Weekly Check in Meetings

Every week, each summer associate will have a one-on-one check-in meeting with the chair(s) of the summer program. This is to give our associates consistent opportunities throughout the summer to ask questions, raise concerns regarding technology, request assignments, and anything else that may arise. The goal of the check-in meetings is to ensure that our summer associates are on track to have a successful summer, to give the space necessary for them to raise questions with management and to promptly address any challenges throughout the summer.

Networking Opportunities

FMBK Sponsors multiple large SoCal Family Law Community events and MCLE programs throughout the summer that our summer associates are welcomed and encouraged to attend for both educational purposes as well as networking opportunities. FMBK sponsors summer events for local bar associations, alumni associations and family law-oriented nonprofits such as Levitt Quinn and Harriet Buhai.  We also host our annual FMBK Summer Party, where our entire firm comes together for a cookout, offering our summer associates the opportunity to mingle with the entire FMBK Team.

How To Apply

If you are a second-year law student interested in our Summer Associate Program, please contact FMBK’s Marketing Manager, Leslie Abel at [email protected]. Applications for the 2024 Summer Program will be accepted until Wednesday, October 25th, 2023.

To apply, simply send Leslie your resume and cover letter with the subject line “2024 summer associate application”, or find the program application via your Law School’s Symplicity Portal. Please name any application documents as such: Last Name, First Name, Document type (resume, cover letter, references etc.) , PDF format is preferred.

You can also upload your resume and cover letter via this google forms link

We greatly appreciate your interest in our summer program! Please reach out to Leslie Abel if you have any questions.