Frequently Asked Questions

Child and Spousal Support

Adult Disabled Child: How can I get out from under the child support for an adult?

Every month my ex is late with his child support payment. Should I withhold visitation from him until he smartens up?

Can I still collect child support even if my former spouse lives in a different state?

Do spousal and child support payments continue after the payor spouse’s death?

What can I do to enforce payment of child support?

What if my spouse doesn’t pay child support he or she has been ordered to pay?

How can I get out from under child support for an adult?

To my ex-husband’s credit, he has been regularly making his court-ordered spousal support and child support payments to me for the benefit of our two minor children and myself. Recently, he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and his prospects are poor. In the event of his death, is his estate obligated to maintain those support payments? Is there anything I would need to do in order to ensure that our children and I continue to receive support?

Can I still collect child support even if my former spouse lives in a different state?

What can I do to enforce payment of child support?

Child Custody

Terminating mother’s parental rights against her will after a divorce. Can they do this? How do we stop it?

Present father vs paternal father: no contact for 5 years now wants child back. Can he take her away from the only fathershe’s known?

What are grandparents’custody rights?

Custody in two states out of wedlock

My husband may leave me if we let our daughter have custody of our grandchildren.

Can a paternal father take his child away from the present father?

I don’t get to see my children as often as I’d like. Is there anything I can do about that?

Financial and Property Issues

I am worried that my spouse will try to hide assets from me. How can I be sure I get a fair share of the business and other assets?

If your ex-spouse fails to pay for debts he/she acquired while you were married, can his/her creditors comeafter you for payment?

What are the Most Common Misconceptions About Property and Divorce?

Can I collect half of my ex’s Social Security after we divorce?

Do I have to share my pension?

I have been married for 40 years; my career was raising the kids and taking care of my husband. My attorney mentioned that I would be entitled to Social Security benefits via my ex-husband’s record. How does this work?

General Family Law

My husband will not see a marriage counselor, and he’s verbally abusive toward the children and me. I want to make sure we’re safe, financially and emotionally, should divorce become our only option. What steps should I be taking now?

My registered domestic partner and I are experiencing irreconcilable differences. We need to go through something like divorce. How would that work?

How do I prepare for the possibility of divorce?

Is there anything I can do to legally force my husband back to work?

Do I need to set goals for my divorce, or will my lawyer do that for me?

Now that I am divorced, should I rethink my estate planning?